“The question is, can we harness some of our collective desire for . . . inclusion, togetherness”

John Kaufman ( with support from 1978 Maplewood Arts Center has conceived the 2017 Maplewood 4th of July Art Project as an opportunity to exercise our rights for individual expression — all while in the context of a celebratory cooperative endeavor.

The hoops are circles as symbol. Do what you want. Interpret.

We are seeking community-wide participation, open to all ages! Art hoops or “circles” are being readied for distribution around town starting now. Decorated or otherwise employed artistically by all our creative participants, the circles will be installed and displayed in Memorial Park July 4th.

Bring them to the field on July 4. We will analyze these mega data pixels looking for patterns in your personal responses, maybe group them … or just let them be flowers.

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